On monday the 3rd of October thousands of Polish women protested against the new controversial project that would introduce a complete ban on abortion across the country. The new act would complete ban abortion in Poland, even in case of rape or threat to women's life during pregnancy.

Children of Exodus - the small adults

I know that the times are hard (especially after Paris & now Brussels) both for europeans and refugees/migrants, but if I put aside all the politics, my compassion to those who flee conflict or poverty, my confusion and hatred for suicide attacks - I'm trying to be a family man. So being a father of two, being a grown up looking back on my childhood I realized how much it affected me and created my personality. That makes me wonder how big the scars are going to be in the future on each child's mental health? Who is he or she's goin' to be? How to live as a child with all the experience from a warzone or the journey to a "better" world??? It makes me so sad, so depressed & I can't even imagine what is goin on in these kids mind.

I remember this family, they had four children (as far as I remember). One of them was seriously dissabled and needed medical help. His mother was crying, the father was taking care of the boy in silence with tears in his eyes. All they had was one bacpack. I was speechles.

This time something different. Couple of days ago I've been asked by my friend Piotr Hull to shoot the rehersal of his new spectacle R E M which will be played in the Polish National Opera in Warsaw. The best ballet artists (dancers) were hired to this project: Pawel Koncewoj, Yuka Ebihara, Anna Lorenc Bondara, Paulina Jurkowska, Polina Rusetskaya, Anka Herbut, Eliza Trautsolt-Walaszczyk, Marta Fiedler.

My fella Piotr Hull in the middle - the producer & director of R E M