The article about the Polish wrestlers (by Paweł Mączewski) with my photographs was so good, that it appeared on VICE in more countries: USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia. Click on the country to go to the proper site.

At last my website is ready!!! Check it out on

My photographs about Polish Wrestling are covering a long article on <-- click

Me with my homiez MenetMatt & Nitró from 2HZKZT in Budapest

Lately I've been in Debrecen city spending some time with my homie Nitró. We went to the studio of the radio to record a show (more precisely a long discussion). The guys on the photos: Nitró & MenetMatt from the Kétházközt crew, Ricsi, dj Kisszántó, Ropi, Vincze Ákos. I

There's a new article about the 2HZKZT crew on the (<- click). I've shot one of the pictures which is covering the article. Oh yeah, the text is in hungarian...

Boogie: Shooting the Streets

My favourite photographer Boogie appeared in the latest HUCK magazine!
Some of the pictures appear in sepia instead of black & white. So far I was able to learn, that there's a serious problem in compatibility of with explorer v11. Also so far neither google nor microsoft fixed the problem (since at least 4 months!). All I can do is wait till one of the corps finally fix this issue... Try to look at the pictures as it should appear: bl&wh! Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

KétHázKözt PanelPiknik

New video by my homiez 2HZKZT from Debrecen!

It says: the crisis continues, the struggle continues