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Thanks to the crew for helping me to prepare and hang everything: Wlada, Zbyszek, Monia, Mareczek & Marianna! Of course mr. Krzysztof as well, unfortunatelly he's not on the picture.

It's on the wall, we're after the opening evening, so whoever is interested in street photos come and visit Prochownia Żoliborz!

I'm goin' to have a small exhibition in Warsaw, if u're in the city & got nothin' to do, just come for the opening to Prochownia Żoliborz at 7.30pm on 13th of march. I'll be truly pleased to see guests who like this blog. the info about the event and the address is -> here

Well, again some hard time behind me, my son was seriously sick, we spent a few weeks in the hospital, so I didn't have any time for posting. Anyway, time for a big comeback. Few weeks ago the latest edition of Żurnal artbook came out, it's still available in Empik megastores. And here U've got my photo document of the backstage od Teatr Dramatyczny (Dramatic Theater)in Warsaw. The cover photo is shot by Anna Dyszkiewicz

The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Yuup, another year has past... getting closer to fourty... my good friend Angie sent me this video and reminded me 'bout my birthday (and the year of my birth).
New stuff from my fellaz of the 2HZKZT crew from Debrecen city. Filmed by Varga Mate, music by Icek. The beginning of the clip was recorded in Budapest in the neigbourhood I used to live as kid. Lots of memories man...

Két ház közt from Máté Varga on Vimeo.