Syria's Lost Generation by photographer Ed Kashi

As a father now, I can't imagine how long a whole generation of children going to suffer in the future because of what they witnessed.


Girlz & Boyz in Poland! The latest Żurnal ArtBook is out now, u can buy it in Empik stores all around the country! Check out the article with my pictures about my homie Nitró from the 2HZKZT crew & the Debrecen city! I love it, it's an azz kickr, I'm glad that Żurnal wanted to publish this shit. Big up & thanks to my man Pit Hull!

Hey, is there anyone from China??? Because you can now read in chinese the article about the polish wrestling covered with my photos on chinese VICE -> click here

in Warsaw

My photos in a new restaurant guide of Warsaw called "Go Out"

The article about the Polish wrestlers (by Paweł Mączewski) with my photographs was so good, that it appeared on VICE in more countries: USA, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Australia. Click on the country to go to the proper site.

At last my website is ready!!! Check it out on

My photographs about Polish Wrestling are covering a long article on <-- click

Me with my homiez MenetMatt & Nitró from 2HZKZT in Budapest

Lately I've been in Debrecen city spending some time with my homie Nitró. We went to the studio of the radio to record a show (more precisely a long discussion). The guys on the photos: Nitró & MenetMatt from the Kétházközt crew, Ricsi, dj Kisszántó, Ropi, Vincze Ákos.

There's a new article about the 2HZKZT crew on the (<- click). I've shot one of the pictures which is covering the article. Oh yeah, the text is in hungarian...

Boogie: Shooting the Streets

My favourite photographer Boogie appeared in the latest HUCK magazine!
Some of the pictures appear in sepia instead of black & white. So far I was able to learn, that there's a serious problem in compatibility of with explorer v11. Also so far neither google nor microsoft fixed the problem (since at least 4 months!). All I can do is wait till one of the corps finally fix this issue... Try to look at the pictures as it should appear: bl&wh! Sorry for the inconvenience!!!